Tranquil Sleep Candle

Transform your space into a haven of comfort during the chilly, dark days. Our candles will add a touch of magic to the winter months, helping you unwind and reflect. Embrace the tranquility and solace that makes winter evenings truly special.

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Our Values

We are doing our bit to help reduce plastic pollution and slow climate change by sourcing our materials from within the UK and sending you zero-plastic parcels.

All ingredients used are vegan, cruelty-free and phthalate-free. We also plant a tree with every order. Our Karma Glow forest is growing bigger and bigger everyday! 🌳

Now cosy up and relax guilt-free! 

  • Testimonial

    My favourite! The "happiness" candle is my favourite candle from Karma Glow. Smells absolutely amazing and has been lasted for so long. (Michelle)

  • Testimonial

    This smell is absolutely lush, filled the house full of such warming and sweet smell. Wooden wicks are definitely the way forward, as they're so relaxing whilst they crackle away. Thank you so much for such a beautiful candle, I love it. (Katy F.)

  • Testimonial

    Lovely scented candle, perfect for relaxing after and full on day. Smells incredibly nice and the wood wick crackling is very pleasant and relaxing to listen to. Fast delivery and very carefully and tastefully packed. 100% recommend. (Amelia)

  • Testimonial

    This was a Christmas present from my partner. I love the smooth magic scent. It even gives off a strong delightful scent when it's not burning. Love it. I light it in my kitchen and in a short time the whole ground floor is filled with the fragrance and stays on for a long time after. Best candle I ever had. (Boryana)